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Namdev Tare is a tribal living amidst mountains and valleys in Jawhar taluka of Palghar district. Tare had abandoned the Warli art form to work on brick kiln until we found him and brought him back into pursuing the art. The Warli art is an ancient art first discovered by a Greek ethnographer in the 3rd century BCE. Initially used by the tribals to decorate their houses with stories from their life, Warli art soon found popularity and hence its way on products and garments. However, these were all screen printed and nothing reached the artists which rendered them poor and made them abandon the art form.

Our initiative, World of Warli, is an attempt to revive the art form by rejuvenating the original artists and empowering them with niche modern designs and contemporary patterns.

Namdevis now a full time certified artist working with Raah Foundation. What he needs is an encouragement and appreciation of his art form. By buying a product made by Tare you are not only recognising his talent but also supporting his quest of changing life sustainably.

Meet the



Janabai, Shevantabai, Gangubai and Kalavatibai are part of our dynamic women's production group from the mountains and valleys of Jawhar taluka in Palghar district. Tired of struggling even for basic necessities,these women are determined to utilize the opportunity provided by Raah Foundation to change their lives sustainably. Some of them have never been to school and for most of them this is the first ever earning of their lives. The income earned through our initiative World of Patchwork is not only enhancing the self-esteem of these women but also supporting their desire to buy better food, provide better education to their children, save money for a better future and thus break the vicious circle of poverty.

Our women work very hard and after taking care of all their domestic duties, they work on creating beautiful colourful patches for Yana. By buying a patchwork product you are not only recognising their talent and hard work but also contributing directly totheir quest for a better tomorrow.